Why does Agile get so much pushback? — Anthony Software Group Scrum master questions

On Reddit, a user asked, “Why does Agile get so much hate?”.

The Answer may not be what you expect.

“Agile organizations change their mindset by practicing trust in the people who do the work”

Tony Amos

Let’s start with the fundamental understanding that Agile is a mindset. It is a way of life within an organization It seems that you may be in one such organization, you are fortunate.

I compare Agile to maintaining satisfying body weight. Most people confuse weight management with diet and/or exercise. However, bodyweight is actually a reflection of lifestyle rather than diet or exercise People who live a physically active and emotionally centered life rarely struggle with a body weight that they find satisfactory. But, when people decide to change their weight by dieting or starting a short-term exercise regimen, they see a short-term benefit, then revert to where they started.

Agile organizations change their mindset by practicing trust in the people who do the work, providing an environment of emotional safety so that everyone’s voice is heard, and working collaboratively rather than following orders. This is a radical shift in American corporate thinking, which is why most American companies cannot become Agile. They are unable or unwilling to leave the dysfunction behind. You will easily find people who hate diets and exercise, and that is understandable because neither is a long-term solution to body management. You will just as easily find people who hate Agile after experiencing an organization that tried some aspect of Agile without changing their mindset.

You’ll notice that most truly Agile companies are either young or part of a foreign expansion. Companies that disrupt markets tend to be more Agile. Agile companies generally have more pleasant work environments and more productive people; but most importantly, are better able to respond to changing business conditions. Some established companies have successfully made the transition — one example is Microsoft. As they found, changing mindset is much more difficult than changing practices.

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Originally published at https://anthony-software-group.com on February 2, 2022.



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