The Toppings Makes it Complete

Before You Get Started

Take a close look at a banana split. Before you eat it, can you see a Scrum Team? Maybe I’ve indulged in one banana split too many, but I see the banana as the Scrum Framework. And the ice cream? They are team member skills…

A High-Performing Scrum Team Takes Advantage of Vision Statements

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In my work with Scrum, Scrumban, and SAFe teams, I’ve come across some teams that were high-performing and delivered great value from the start. Other teams struggled to get their footing but grew stronger and learned to perform well. So in my coaching practice, I’m frequently asked what makes one…

Team Growth into Self-Management

My introduction to Agile teams happened just as I had transitioned from lead software engineer to release manager at an investment bank. Our team had just built an investment management system that was well received and quickly became quite successful. We were pleased with it, but the growing team struggled…

Clearing the Path to Organizational Agility

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The leading obstructor to pursuing organizational agility continues to be organization itself. And that’s a shame because the factors leading to these obstructions are completely within the control of the organization — if the people are truly ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to succeed. All too…

How culture and vision lead each other to success or failure

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Vision is an essential element of organizational agility. Culture is the organization’s personality. While vision is intentional, culture isn’t always so; however, the culture and vision must be consistent in order to successfully realize the vision. That frequently means that cultural changes become necessary. But what to change, and when…

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The BBC recently published a Viewpoint article written by Ibrahim Diallo entitled ‘I feel like I was accidentally hired’. Mr. Diallo is an experienced software engineer who is also a black man. I don’t know Mr. Diallo, but I have met people who share his perception. In the article, he…

Anthony Amos

Agile coach to high performing software engineering teams.

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